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 Archive Stories & Trip Reports

I love sharing stories of encounters with Nature and the Divine, both the profane and profound. Following are some of the stories I've sent out to our e-mail list members.

They run the gamut from encounters with dolphins and hurricanes to stories from my book 'Nature's Embrace'. May these stories mirror and re-awaken you to the beauty and magic of your life!

Close Encounters with the Bottlenose Dolphins of Bimini   April 2006

Butterfly Darshan

Are Dolphins Dangerous?

Blessing the Waters

Bimini Human/Dolphin Seaweed Tag

Hawaii Trip Report

Bimini Eye of the Divine

Men's Retreat - Healing the Male Archetype

Bimini Dolphins & DNA

Whale Swim          

And God Said...

Eyes of the Beholder

You must be Crazy!

Autumn's Kiss

Yearning for the Divine

Hopi Elder Wisdom


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