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For many people, swimming with dolphins is the dream of a lifetime. Young and old, big and small, people of all ages report that swimming alongside these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is a life-changing experience.

For the past 15 years, its been my pleasure to help make that dream come true for all kinds of groups, couples and families. Most everyone reports that swimming with these wild and free dolphins is one of the highlights of their life.

A little background about dolphins: they've treated people with great joy and respect throughout history, and there are countless stories of their rescuing people. I used to give slide shows about dolphins and had fishermen, swimmers and sailors come up and tell me their personal stories of being aided and even rescued by dolphins. In Greek times, they were so respected for their help to mariners that killing a dolphin was punishable by death.

I've found that dolphins bring great joy to everyone they encounter. People say swimming with them has uplifted their spirits, renewed their outlook on life and healed decades long depression. I’ve had parents bring their children in hopes that the dolphins could reach their kids in ways others couldn’t, with great success. As you may have figured, I love dolphins and love bringing people to swim with them in a fun and respectful manner.Indigo Family Dolphin Trips by you.

About Bimini: Bimini, the Bahamas, is a beautiful little island perched on the edge of the Gulf Stream, fifty miles across the water from Miami. It’s a 30 minute plane ride from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, a plane ride that costs approx. $200 to $300 per person. Airfare, unless requested, is not included in these trip prices. Upon booking a trip, I can provide you info about flights, including charter flights for groups of four or more.

My trips average four to seven days in length. These are custom trips, together we create an itinerary that fits your objectives and budget. Unless you want it differently, all trips include all lodging, all on-island transportation, all scheduled excursions including multiple boat trips out to the dolphins, and most all meals except maybe a dinner out on the town. You just bring yourselves, snorkel gear and a readiness to have the trip of your life! (PS: be sure to check out our Hawaii Dolphin Trips too!)

Bimini Dolphin Trip Highlights Include...

* Multiple swims with the Dolphins!

* Ocean view Accommodations!

* Our own boat, our own schedule!

* Trip to the famous "Stones of Atlantis"!

* World Class Swimming & Snorkeling!


Non-Swimmers welcome - We provide you with all the floatation you need to get comfortable in the water for the time of your life!

The cost for these trips vary, depending on length of the trip and who is also presenting with us. Average trip price ranges from $1595 to $3295 per person for a five to six day trip.

This includes your oceanfront cottage, food, all boat trips and on-island transportation, pretty much everything once you get here. Airfare and snorkel equipment not included.

Bimini FAQ

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Bimini Flight Info

Testimonials & Photos

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