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Dolphin Trip Photos & Quotes 

We have photo albums on Flickr, Facebook and Picasa. Below are a few favorites. There's also more photos below the testimonials.

Our Spring Break Pod!!! by you.

   Indigo Family Trips by you.   Watsu Bahamas Dolphin Trip by you.   Spring 2009 Family Trip   Indigo Trips       Watsu/WaterDance Trip               August 2009 Trip

~ Testimonials ~

"Every day people have been coming up to me and telling me how relaxed and different I look. They want to know what happened and I show them the pictures and smile..."         Donna, Travel Agent

"The whole trip was fantastic! Thank you again for the most stupendous adventure from the bottom of my heart."                                 Brandee Tolleson, California

"I’ve been forever changed from my swim with the Dolphins. The honor of swimming with these creatures is a blessing I’ll never forget."               Bruce, Colorado

"Who could ever imagine the new world that would open up from a single trip?"            Patrick, CT

"So much unfolded so quickly - thank you again for a most remarkable trip!"             Tace, NH

"It has renewed my life force"        Dena, New Mexico

"Some pretty profound changes have happened in my life since the trip. I came back a changed man "   Emmett, carpenter

"What a wonderful group. I came away with a deep joy + appreciation of my humanness." Toby, NH

"The whole trip was a joy – I’m able to access an easy playful energy that truly delights me"   Lauren Jubilierer, N. Carolina

"This is one of the greatest experiences I've ever had. I love the people, place and especially the dolphins so close to my face I could kiss them."            George Rose, Student, CT

"When I start to get wound up, I just remember one of the beautiful moments from the trip and melt into joy"             Lisa, MA

 "I love the healing rituals and ceremony you create, so simply and beautiful, right in the moment."           LiLi Townsend, Hawaii

"Every time I think of our trip my heart explodes with love. It’s laid a pathway in my memory I'll treasure forever."     Jodi Perkins, England

"I felt totally free to be myself and felt the warm, loving energy of my fellow travelers"   Dan Kinderlehrer, Physician

"One of the most life changing experiences I’ve ever had. I walk around a different person... I’m filled with love!!!"               Danielle Doucette, Social Worker, HA

 Appreciation of Joe from 'The Wide Awakening' Trip

"Joe how can I ever express the expansion you have brought to me.  You are love, kindness, strength and safety. You are gentle and peaceful and I love, appreciate and hold dear your presence in my life"  Janice

"Joe – you have been a beacon, a teacher, a coach, a fun filled energy, a compassionate being, a lover of life – I have witnessed all these and more in you – thank you for walking in your light."  Colleen


"I appreciate your loving male energy, your spontaneity, your connection with the ocean, your humour, your compassion, your warm hugs, your love of life!"   Deb

"You flow so easily with life it allows me to open up my heart. Thank you for your patience and kindness. You are an amazing man." Love, Laura

"You reach into people’s souls so softly and create the space for us all to remember we are divine, loved and expansive… You are an earth angel to me."

"Wow! You’ve taught me more than I can say in words. Your love for life is incredible. I am blessed to have you, you’ve changed my life" Jen

"Merman. Playful, spontaneous, great big YES. You are clearly a lover of life with an open heart, so big it welcomes everyone in instantly. Thank you for leading and shining." Tina

Joe's Dolphin Videos

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Why Bimini? Because it’s a great place to play, to heal and to transform! Because of its many sacred sites, it's abundant beauty and its pods of very joyful dolphins. This is a truly magical place! Come swimming, snorkeling, healing, transforming, singing and stargazing!





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