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Human/Cetacean Harmony;

Creating a world of people, dolphins & whales living in mutual Love & Respect

There is a dream of Human/Cetacean harmony that lives within many of us; we see a world of people, dolphins and whales coexisting peacefully. Recognizing that protest creates polarity and that Love is the most powerful force in the Universe, we choose a loving path to harmony.

It only takes a small group of passionate people to shift Humanity's collective vibration. One person holding a vibration of LOVE is many thousands of times more powerful than one living in fear, greed or separation.

Let's channel our love of the dolphins & whales into the new paradigm. Let's focus less on what we don't want, and put more attention on the beautiful dream of an awakened Humanity in love with Life!

Join us and add your love with ours! Together we're energizing the growing morphic field of planetary harmony!

"Never doubt that a small group of people can change the world..." Margaret Meade

Ho'oponopono: Using our Love & Thanks to end polarization and whaling. Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian form of healing that sees 'outer' imbalance as a mirror of an 'inner' imbalance or belief. Rather than judge or condemn something outside of ourselves (like the fishermen in 'The Cove'), we see their actions as a mirror of an imbalance within ourselves. From a quantum perspective, when we shift the judgment within, it shifts 'out there'. This is powerful stuff! Listen to Joe with guest Steven Thompson of Taiji Dolphin Action Group talk about the power of Love and Ho'oponopono to end the dolphin hunt in Japan; 'Healing Taiji; Ho'oponopono for Dolphins & the Fishermen who hunt them' 


Compassionate Activism! When we take action to inhibit or stop another, we are focusing on the aspect of their behavior we wish to end. On an energetic level, what we resist persists, we give energy and life to what we don't want by pushing against it. Its much more productive (and easier on the body, mind & spirit!) to focus our attention on what we do want; such as inviting fishermen to lead dolphin and whale-watching trips. Listen to Joe and Steven Thompson share how to use the power of love to end the hunt!

Water Ceremonies! Putting your Love & Thanks into the waters of our world... Water has memory and holds intent. Thru ceremony and celebration, we give our Love & Thanks at conferences and events all over the world. The water Joe carries is from sacred rivers, lakes and springs around the globe. See the video of some of these ceremonies.

Releasing Polarity & Anger: Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. Here are tools to assist you in dropping your anger.

Listen to Teresa Bolen of Magic at Your Fingertips use EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) to assist someone release their pain from watching 'The Cove'.


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As Humanity moves deeper into our collective awakening, we’re each called to feel the depths of our connection with all life on this planet.

We’re each fully equipped, right now, just as we are, to hold the seeming polarities of life within our own hearts (that means the 'good' guys and the 'bad' guys). The Dolphins & Whales are here to collaborate with us, the recent incident at SeaWorld and the IWC vote on the resumption of whaling are powerful catalysts to awaken us from the dying dream of separation.

Upcoming Radio Show Topics:

Overview of the Human/Cetacean Relationship

Current Conditions (are dolphins & whales angry at us?)

SeaWorld Tragedy (Tilikum killing Dawn)

“The Cove”, Taiji & Denmark

Recent Human/Cetacean collaborations

Does Protesting work?

Using Ho’oponopono - From Polarization to Oneness

A Quantum Visualization of Global Human/Cetacean Harmony

Past Recordings & Events:


Joe Noonan is an author, speaker and shamanic guide. He's been given the name 'Nimbiish' (Merman) by Native Elders in recognition of his work bringing Humanity back into harmony with the sea. His love of the ocean has been expressed through the Water Ceremonies he holds around the world.

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