Swimming with Wild Dolphins is a joyful, life-changing experience!


Wild dolphins treat people with great love and affection.

They are intelligent, playful and awaken

a wonderful sense of joy and freedom

in all of us.



All our trips are swimming with wild dolphins.

We do not lead trips swimming with captive dolphins.

We respectfully swim with free dolphins, in their home, on their terms.


Is Swimming with Dolphins on YOUR  Bucket List?      

Custom Trips

Family Trips

Corporate Trips

We offer custom trips for families, groups and organizations who want their own private experience. Private & personal, your own schedule, your own agenda. Contact us for more information.


'Open' Trips

We also offer 5 to 6 day open trips to Hawaii and the Bahamas. These public trips are appropriate for ndividuals, couples, families and people from all walks of life. Click here for upcoming 'Open' trip dates! 


Family Dolphin Trips   -    Hawaii Dolphin Trips   -   Bimini Dolphin Trips


 Dolphin Photos, Videos & Stories:

Joe's Dolphin Videos on YouTube (over 200,000 views!)

Story & Photos of 3 day swim w/Bottlenose Dolphins

Wild Dolphins, Hafiz & Dr. Emoto

Dolphin Trip Photos & Quotes

Are Dolphins Dangerous?

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