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 Yes to Your Abundance!


Ready to Receive Your Divine Abundance?

(Your Abundance is waiting!)



Many are stressed about finances.. and yet, Creation/the Universe/all of Life wants the best for you. It's only our limited view of life that limits our Abundance...Operating from fear, worry or unworthiness limits our ability to receive.


Living from your inner knowing that you are divinely eternal and blessed puts you back in alignment with the truth of who you are, the place where infinite possibilities exist...


Be consistently Abundant in times of great change!



Join Joe & Jennifer and joyfully embody the true abundance that you are... bringing peace, calm and centeredness amidst our evolving economy... You are a divine part of the plan, come awaken your inner resources and abundance!



"I really appreciate your YES! It has so allowed me to open and tap into so many inspired thoughts and visions and possibilities that I am just having a blast seeing all the miracles one after the other and just a big fat juicy thanks and a hug for you!" WW - California

"You guys nailed it on the head! This answer rocked, "I'm soo ready" - bring it on! It's so yummy and so scarily good. And the brakes come off!!!! Thanks Joe and Jennifer!" LD - Toronto



Just Imagine...


- Totally opening to Receive...

- Allowing Unimagined Possibilities...

- Letting Go, and allow your Divine Abundance to Flow...

- Techniques that connect you w/your knowing that All is Well

- Guidance from your Cosmic Support Team

- Feeling the Abundance all around you that you haven't yet seen and is Always Available



grouper.clipJoe Noonan is a shamanic guide, intuitive healer and modern day mystic. The founder of PlanetaryPartners.com, he's been facilitating individual, corporate and community transformation for over 20 years. Joe's been a guest on Fox, National Geographic and Oprah, and leads wild dolphin trips, custom retreats and weekend workshops celebrating the ecstasy of everyday life. Joe is ready to assist you in living the life of your dreams!greatblackcloseupmed

 Jennifer Hough is a best selling author, host of SOUL Radio, founder of  TheVitalYou.com, (the largest Nutrition Clinic in Canada) and the creator of The Get Out of Your Own Way CourseTM.  If you are ready for effortless flow, peace in all areas of your life and a sense of excitement about your purpose as a human being then Jennifer is ready to infect you with the ‘love bug' of her contagious energy!






Life is always holding the door open for you!


Move easily into the fullness of your unfathomable worth!


Your Divine Abundance awaits!


HOW MUCH:               All 3 tele-classes only $77 - Recordings included!


 TO REGISTER:           vitalyouinfo@sympatico.ca, or call 905-852-3559, X 21 


  FOR WHO:                  Anyone desiring to break free of the past & manifest more abundance in their lives!


As you feel worthy, you resonate with your divine gifts and riches.

Join us for a time of awakening & celebrating your abundance!


I have been attending workshops for the past 40 years, and I have to say that this was the BEST workshop EVER!! You have shown me how I can live my life freely, joyfully, creatively, loving myself and having lots of fun, too! Thank you both very much for making the space and taking the time to enrich my life... LC from Toronto

WOW! I really appreciate that you always say exactly what I need to hear to remember who I am..... SW, Oshawa

I get it!!! When I say YES to ease and flow - I get JUICY stuff and even better things than I could ever have asked for!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! Our connection has created so many AMAZING things and the ripples just keep getting better!!! CH

It was an amazing experience for me to be around such terrific energy especially after the night I had before. I was flying high and you guys helped to keep me there!! Thank you, thank you. BM


You were born to thrive... are you ready???


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Planetary Partners
Celebrating Life!
Joe Noonan

PS: your love is transforming our world...

Planetary Partners,
Celebrating Life!
Joe Noonan