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Joe's Workshop Endorsements

"At live presentations, on the radio and on national television, Joe is an articulate individual who speaks from the heart, consistently connecting with a diverse audience of listeners."

Dr. John Mack, Professor, Harvard University,

Author, "Passport to the Cosmos" & Pulitzer Prize winner


"Thanks for your inspired presentation and opening at our Equinox circle. With over 500 people, this was one of our largest events. The group's response to you and your ceremony was exceptional, the best I've ever seen."

Mark Foley, Park Ranger & Organizer,

Tequesta Drum Circle


"I hired Joe with Ronna Herman and Alan Cohen to present at our conference in Hawaii. He came highly recommended. All three of his presentations were playful, dynamic and interactive; helping participants powerfully embody the spirit of the retreat. We received great feedback about his sessions; he turned over 100 adults into kids again."

                        Maitreya Zohar, Author & Organizer;

WhaleQuest Hawaii


"Your opening for our Earthdance Budokon Invitational for the Environment in Miami Beach was filled with great energy and passion. You got everybody howling!"
                        Sensei Donato Helbling, Budokon Miami


"Joe is an excellent presenter and his programs always receive rave reviews."

                        Roger Paine, Executive Director,

Interface Foundation, Boston


"Joe is a corporate shaman; his ability to transform the energy of a group is amazing."

John Bohmhoff, CFO,

The Guggenheim Museum


"You set a new standard for our conferences; every single evaluation of your seminar rated it as excellent"

                        Joe Bocca, Conference Manager

                        American Camping Association


"As coordinator of our monthly speakers' series for the past 7 years, this was the best presentation I've ever seen."

                        Bruce H., Programs Coordinator

                        Boston Chapter, Appalachian Mountain Club


"Thank you for being the opening speaker at our most recent Conscious Living Retreat. Your talk was fun, inspiring and upbeat, and set a great tone for the rest of the weekend."

                        Eric Dez, Founder

                        Conscious Living Retreats

"The day was truly amazing - I left with a vibration of great gratitude and peace. With humor and authenticity Joe lead the attendees to a ceremony blessed with holiness that left the room in shared recognition of togetherness and oneness. I will forever be reminded of "yes" to playing my part in peace.           

                     Sheri Jones, Realtor, 'Gathering for Peace' participant 

"Joe Noonan is as playful as a dolphin and as grounded as a Sequoia. Joe inspires people through his own life force and an understanding of how the mind and body work when connecting with the natural world. His positive energy is contagious to both children and adults alike.

Joe recently helped us with two important conferences sponsored by Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago. He was asked at the last minute if he could participate and assist with sessions and water ceremonies.  He replied with a resounding “YEESSS!” That powerful, positive, affirmation set the tone for the next week. Joe was the highlight of both gatherings.

14th Annual Wisdom of the Elders Gathering - Mantle Rock Native Education Center, Marion, Kentucky   

Our ‘Wisdom of the Elders Gathering’ has attracted elders from all over the United States and Europe. The elders learned about Joe’s work with water, the dolphins, the brain, and the Hawaiian healing process known as the Ho’oponopono. He was invited to not only speak but to also participate and facilitate the closing sunrise water ceremony and celebration. He was inspirational, informative, and fun to be around. He energized the conference and created the feeling of community. He had an amazing impact on the gathering.

2nd Annual Water & Fire Conference - Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, Illinois

After the ‘Wisdom of the Elders’ gathering, Joe was invited to Chicago and participate in NEIU’s 2nd Annual ‘Water & Fire Conference’. At the conference he was asked to perform a water ceremony and to help close the gathering. He had an amazing impact on all the people he encountered during the conference. As a result he was asked to speak to two separate university classes, and also invited to speak at Dewey Elementary School in Evanston, Illinois. He mesmerized the children and adults who listened and absorbed what he shared. Joe will be one of our featured speakers at the 09-09-09 World Peace Gathering.

The elders, participants, and planning committee were so moved by Joe they invited him to close the gathering with the final water offering and blessing at the Chicago River. This was quite amazing since many of them had only met him the evening before. He has a positive life force that he shares with everyone around him. Joe Noonan is like a pebble being dropped into a still pond. The positive ripple he creates will go on forever."

Dan Creely Jr., Conference Organizer & Professor, Northeastern Illinois University, Chicago, IL


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