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Hawaii Dolphins & Volcanoes!

Custom Trips for Families & Groups of 3 or more

Trip Overview: Our Hawaii trip is an absolutely magical adventure. It is also a custom trip tailored for your family or group. I've been bringing groups to Hawaii for over 10 years, and love co-creating a playful, uplifting and life-changing experience for people of all ages. The magic and beauty of Hawaii is inspiring, and it will refresh and rejuvenate your spirit.

“The trip to Hawaii changed my life”

            Danielle Doucette, Physical Therapist



Let the Beauty, Magic & Wonder of our Hawaii Trip further awaken your Joy!

Trip Highlights Include:

             Swimming with Beautiful Dolphins & Turtles!             

Living on a Beautiful Sandy Beach (optional cottages available)

Sleeping beneath Swaying Palms

Exploring the Volcano, Lava Tubes, Steam Vents & More!




 “My Hawaii trip with Joe was phenomenal. Swimming with the Dolphins was such a deeper experience then I ever expected. I was also reunited with members of my Soul Family who are dear friends to this day.” 

  Gabriella Lizotte,    Reiki Master, MA


Hawaii Trip Purpose                       

The purpose of these trips is to connect deeply with the spiritual energies of Hawaii, to swim with the amazing spinner dolphins and to fully embody our Joy. It's to explore and share in the healing energies present in this sacred place. It's to live simply, moving with the rhythms of the wind, weather and tides, immersing ourselves in the Love and Joy of Nature on the island of Hawaii.

This trip is for those of us who love the forces of Nature; Fire, Earth, Air and Water. It's for us who love intimate contact with the elements and the spiritual energies that animate them. And it is for us who love to play, have fun and celebrate. We'll be living and camping simply; sleeping, swimming and playing in very magical places. (We also led this trip using cottages and rental homes).

Dolphins - Shamans of the Seas

The spinner Dolphins that live in the waters of Hawaii are absolutely amazing. They're in my dreams regularly. I struggle to put into words what happens when I'm in the water with them. They are powerful beings - shamanic masters in the art of transformation. I'm always honored to be in their presence. Our campsite is very magical, some mornings we awake to dolphins leaping just offshore! We skip breakfast and jump right in - what a way to start the day!

Does laying on your back on a sandy beach, under a starry sky, below rustling palms to the sound of the surf get you excited? Does it get you in touch with your joy and gratitude for life? We readily come alive in this setting, away from the distractions of everyday life. In this environment, nature becomes a vibrant, loving force that we naturally connect with.

We travel as a tribe, sharing in the daily activities of a community; setting up camp, making meals, shooting the breeze, hanging out. We'll take hikes, swims and walks, depending on what the area we're in has to offer. There'll be personal time, quiet time, and time to sit around the fire. There'll be time to share your incredible dolphin encounters and time to disappear into the fabric of nature.

We send this invitation to you who have a deep love and respect for Nature. This is a spiritual retreat, and if its purpose speaks to you, please join us.

Trip Itinerary

We meet at the Kona airport, then head to the beach and set up our base camp for the next four nights. From camp we'll explore different coastal bays where the spinner dolphins frequent. While it is illegal to 'swim with dolphins' in Hawaii, it is legal to swim where they swim, and you can stay in the water when they come to you.

Which is exactly what they do, especially when you're part of a vibrant and loving group! I've had absolutely incredible dolphin encounters in these bays, swimming with them for hours at a time. I could write a book about the incredible life changing encounters I've had here. We'll spend our week exploring this area, with the dolphins, sea turtles and more, swimming, snorkeling, hiking valleys and foraging.

For those of us on the 10 day trip, on day 6 we head south for the next three days to the Volcano where we pay homage to the Goddess Pele, exploring the smoking earth, caldera and lava tubes. The energy of fire and creation is very strong here, it’s a wonderful place to plant new seeds and intentions for growth and transformation.  This is a higher elevation, it rains a lot, so bring a sweater and raincoat! The photo on the cover of my book, Nature's Embrace, is of a fern from this lush rainforest.

We spend our last night in a hotel on the Kona coast, spending the evening recapping our adventures, and the next morning is our good-byes and departures onward.

This is an outline of our plans. Some things, like eating fresh tropical fruits when we’re hungry, we'll follow diligently. Given our objective to have fun and experience the island intimately, our exact itinerary will reveal itself as the week unfolds. One of the things I love about traveling simply is that it gives Grace plenty of opportunity to surprise us with adventures we would have never been able to imagine...

 COST: The cost for the 6 day camping trip, depending on group size and the options you choose, averages $1295 to $1495 per person. This includes all transportation on island, our trips, park fees, campsites and meals. Airfare, your own sleeping bag/pad, snorkel gear and a couple meals are not included. Your $495 deposit reserves your trip date. Call for info on our cottage-based Hawaii trips.


"This trip was one of the best things I ever did!!! It was truly an adventure of a lifetime!  And our guide, the joyful Joebaby, was not only the LIFE of the party but kept us on a spiritual high the entire trip."

                       Susan Caster, Divorce Mediator, Indiana




"The whole trip was fantastic! Thank you again for the most stupendous adventure from the bottom of my heart."

            Brandee T, Homeschooling Mom of 3, California


More Hawaii Trip Photos

Facebook pix from our June 09 Hawaii trip!


If you are ready to step off the treadmill, slow down and immerse yourself in the beauty, magic and wonder of nature, this is the trip for you. If, after reading this webpage, you are interested in joining us for one of our trips, email or call us at the addresses below.

Call and reserve your trip today!


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