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Water Ceremonies

Putting our Love & Appreciation back into the sea


Water is the cornerstone of life on our planet.

Water has memory and carries our intentions.

She heals and uplifts, is the medium of rebirth. Water is where we go to be baptized and reborn.

Through Simple Ceremony we put our collective Love and Appreciation into the ocean, letting her carry it all over the World...

Join our fun Beach Parties; bring your bathing suit, a towel, a $5 donation and your beautiful self. You can also bring a snack to share (we have a bit of a picnic and often stay 'til sundown)

(Click for Directions)

"When man enters the ocean, he becomes an archangel" Jacques Cousteau

Joe has been bringing groups of people into the ocean for joy and adventure for decades. An author, speaker & shamanic guide, he leads dolphin trips, spiritual adventure retreats, workshops & sacred ceremonies celebrating the ecstasy of everyday life.

     Below are pictures from some of our past ceremonies...


Below are pictures of a healing circle off the island of Bimini, in the Bahamas.


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Planetary Partners,
Celebrating Life!
Joe Noonan
PS: your love is transforming our world!