Here's a few of my favorite Links...

Dr. Emoto's website about the power of our thoughts & prayers on water. His work inspires me to love, play & pray to (and from) the oceans with abandon!

Peace in the Water Ambassador Peace in the Water is a wonderful organization directing our loving intention into the ocean. They are kindred spirits sounding the clarion call for us to return to the water with peace in our hearts.  

Children of the New Earth has an online magazine that is one-of-a-kind, cutting-edge publication devoted exclusively to the evolving needs of today’s new generation of Indigo kids and Crystal children.

  Kryon is an Angelic guide who shares loving wisdom for us in these changing times. He comes from love, offers a loving message, and I find his perspective quite inspiring and refreshing. There's a fascinating Q&A section to this website, along with transcribed channellings and free MP3's for easy reading/listening.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Capt. Paul Watson has campaigned for whales and dolphins for decades and galvanizes international attention on the whaling issue. The Dalai Lama gave Watson an icon named “Hayagriva”, which stands for the compassionate aspect of Buddha’s wrath. Check out this National Geographic Magazine article about Sea Shepard hunting illegal whaling ships in the Antarctic. After reading it, I joined.

The Oceania Project The Oceania Project, established in 1988, is a Not-for-profit, Research and Education organization dedicated to Raising Awareness about Cetacea (Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises) and the Ocean Environment.

Transitions Radio Magazine, TRM, blends a varied pacing of music, special features, guest interviews, cutting edge information and practical resources for these rapidly changing times. TRM is based out of Santa Fe, NM. My friends Alan and Elizabeth run TRM and they have brought a group of friends and listeners on one of our dolphin trips.

SamaraSays Samara Anjelae has been on several of my trips and has become a dear friend of mine. She is a wonderful healer and medium, one of the rare Research Mediums certified by the University of Arizona as well as the Windbridge Institute. Samara brings through the voice of spirit for those who desire to talk with their loved ones on the other side of the veil.

Liquid Healing Oasis, owned and operated by my friend Dale White, is a resource and provider of Aquatic therapies. Offering privates sessions and certification classes in Watsu® , Healing Dance™ and WaterDance™. Liquid Healing Oasis is a very private, intimate,  lush tropical temple resting on the water in Ft Lauderdale, Florida.

Beyond Bodywork is a magical healing waters vortex located in North San Diego country, created and run by my friend Dave Towe. I have been floated by Dave in this pool and it was incredible. Dave is a masterful healer and WATSU practitioner. - Dr. Mercola's website is one of the world's largest natural health resource websites... he has a bi-weekly newsletter full of interesting and insightful info.




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