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JOYFUL JUICY Relationships!

Relationships are where things get real; the portal to bringing our love, joy and passion to life. Jennifer Hough of The Vital You joins me in a tele-seminar series that will assist you in letting your joy flow in the primary areas of relationships;


This 3 part series is offered as an MP3 download at the affordable price of $55. 

This is juicy stuff, guaranteed to bring more joy to your relationships!

(Isn't that what we all want?)

Dear Friends,


Helen Keller, born blind, deaf and mute, said she became human the moment she realized the world that surrounded her was alive and wanted to communicate with her. Up until that point, it was a jumbled chaos of sensations.


Imagine that moment, amidst a sea of sensations and impulses, to realize that there was something reaching out to her, desiring to connect with her, to communicate and share with her... that realization changed her life forever.


What if, right now, your world is reaching out to you, inviting you to open to a whole new way of communion? What if a whole new way of relating is making itself available?


It is. Right now. Free of the limitations of the past, free of the patterns that have confined us. To communicate your own authentic beautiful self.


We are all capable of tremendous love, intimacy and joy. And yet we live within cultures that conditioned us to be appropriate, polite and manageable from before we could even talk. These conditions run in perpetuity, until we consciously and deliberately change them.


If you were offered an adventure to allow your own joy and passion to guide your words and actions, would you take it?


We invite you to a three week adventure into relationships, an adventure guaranteed to bring more joy and juiciness to your life!


By joining this group, (and if you can't make any of the Wed nights because of prior commitments, we'll send you the audio), we guarantee you'll bring/create/discover more joy and passion in your life, with the people you love, the people you work with and with your family + friends.


You'll be amazed and delighted by the changes this MP3 series will create in your life...


Email joyful@planetarypartners.com to order



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Joe Noonan

PS: your love is transforming our world...