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Indigo Family Adventures;

Giving your family the Adventure of a Lifetime

Quality time for Family & Friends






"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about"

Today's kids have their own unique connection to God/Source/Nature. In today's society, it can be challenging for them to maintain this intimate connection. My trips bring you and your kids into a safe, playful and exciting relationship with the natural world, allowing everyone a continuous opportunity to relax & connect more deeply with the rejuvenating forces of Life.

These trips give you and your family quality time together.

On our Family Adventure trips, we venture forth each day into the world around us, exploring the beauty, magic and wonder of our environment. Whether swimming with dolphins, manatees, learning to snorkel, or sitting around a fire sharing stories of our day, each moment weaves it’s own magic.

I've been bringing children and families into Nature for three decades. I've led weeklong camping trips for middle school kids, teens, youth at risk and college students. I love working with kids, they are more playful and authentic. I spent twenty five years of therapy and inner work to become a kid again!

Bringing your family on one of our trips is guaranteed some of the most quality time you've ever had together; everyone gets to enjoy and appreciate each other in totally new ways.

We integrate family appreciation exercises into our trips; simple daily rituals that open the door for more meaningful communication between parents and children. It is as simple as it is fun.

Frequently I'll put together a trip at the request of a small family of two or three and they want other families to come. When this happens I put a notices out on my newsletter. If you want to know about these kinds of trips, join the newsletter below.

Bimini Dolphin Trips

Hawaii Dolphin Trips

Florida Manatee Trips


"Dear Joe,

This week we will cherish for a very long time, an integral part of our life's journey as a family.

This week with you was FULL OF LIFE! FULL OF LOVE!"

Rolf & Renata Winters with their children Zoi Li, Sky & Levy

I put a 9 day Bimini trip together for Rolf and his family. Rolf is a film producer and is currently filming shamans from five continents for a documentary.

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"Skye and I are still riding the wave of positive energy Sharon W/Skye's hat! by you.and transformation from the trip to Bimini... Thank you Joe for making a lifetime dream come true"

Sharon & Skye Johnson (click on their picture for more photos of this trip)

Sharon, a professional sailor, was 6 months pregnant when she and her daughter Skye came on our trip. She found out about it last minute thru the Planetary Partners newsletter, and signed on two days before the trip start - how's that for spontaneity!

She came despite reservations about spending the money, and shared that when she got home, she found an unanticipated check for the same amount of the trip in the mail!



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