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"Joe is a great guide; very in-touch with the environment, and a unique individual"    

Bob Friel, Senior Editor, Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine



Planetary Partners salutes Mikah who at 6 months is our youngest dolphin swimmer to date! (not counting Tristan, who was still in his mom's belly!) Mikah, the son of Uwe & Cathy, took to the water like a fish!






"This was a wonderful trip for us as a family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts"

Uwe Doerken, the former CEO of DHL Global, brought his wife Cathy and son Mikah to our WaterDance Bimini trip.





“My Family loves Joe, he brings out such joy and exuberance for life.

Every trip we take with him is full of love & laughter and as always Fun, Fun, Fun.”         

Gabriella Lizotte, Lacrosse Coach, School Bus Driver, mother of 3


If you have a dream of bringing your family on the trip of a lifetime, call us. We'll assist you in bringing that dream to life.


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