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Wild Dolphins, Hafiz & Dr. Emoto

On our May 06 trip to Bimini, we did a deep water meditation on the edge of the Gulf Stream... we got in the water and floated in the deep blue while we toned and visualized the crystal clear waters of the Gulf Stream coming even more vitally alive, blessing everything in their flow, including the North America seaboard and coastal Europe...

We finished our meditation, got into the boat and headed for shallower water to look for dolphins...we hadn't gone far and were met by these very playful spotted dolphins... the following pictures are from our magical encounter with them...

PS: Be sure to read Hafiz's poem below...

Being scanned from below... This is very deliberate on the dolphin's part... You can feel the power of his intention...

Zooming in to say hi...

Follow the leader!




"Hi Joebaby!   Even as of today, I still feel like I’m in the water/boat with liquid energy all around me. I keep smelling the ocean in the air as if I could get in my car, drive a mile or so and there would be the ocean! I had a GREAT time with you, all the podsters and of course the dolphins. This morning I dreamt of GREAT BIG sea turtles, showing up just like the dolphins with them swimming all around me.

Alan & I pulled off Sunday’s radio show pretty effortlessly…it was fun to talk about the dolphins on air! I started the show with a poem by Hafiz (below). Alan & I had a good laugh earlier today…we’re like…get us back to the ocean soon!!  Much Love to you!"

                   Elizabeth Rose, Co Producer, Transitions Radio Magazine, Santa Fe

PS: This is the poem I opened the radio show with, dedicating it to our beloved Bimini pod of people and dolphins. It’s from “The Subject Tonight is Love” – 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz – Versions by Daniel Ladinsky.


Where Dolphins Dance...


The work starts

As soon as you open your eyes in

the Morning.


Hopefully you got

Some good rest last night.


Why go into the city or the fields

Without first kissing

The Friend?


Who always stands at your door?

It takes only a second.


Habits are human nature –

Why not create some that

will mint Gold?


Your arms are violin bows

Always moving.


I have become very

conscious upon

Whom we all play.


Thus my eyes have filled

with the warm

Soft oceans of divine music


Where jeweled dolphins dance

Then leap into this



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