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This Outrageous Life!

Awakening Everyday Ecstasy

A 2 hour presentation & weekend workshop

We come into this world eyes wide with wonder, seeing the Divine in everything around & within us. As we grow, we develop our identity, our individual sense of 'I', and the belief in separation begins. As a result, the world becomes a colder, scarier place defined as ‘other’.

In this powerful program, through simple ceremony, music, photos & stories, the resonance between our right and left brains is harmonized, returning us to our natural state of grace.

Join us for a time of inspiration as we realign with our innate passion for live. Through awareness & intention, we champion the all-knowing, all-loving divinity we are, revealing the beauty, magic & wonder of us, our world & our everyday lives.


An author, speaker & shamanic guide, Joe leads spiritual adventure retreats, workshops & sacred ceremonies celebrating the ecstasy of everyday life. A passionate presenter, he has been a guest on Oprah and numerous TV and radio shows.


“At live presentations, on the radio and on national television, Joe is an articulate individual who speaks from the heart, consistently connecting with a diverse audience of listeners.”                  Dr. John Mack, Pulitzer Prize winner, Author, “Passport to the Cosmos”

"Thanks for your inspired presentation and opening at our Equinox circle. With over 500 people, this was one of our largest events. The group's response to you and your ceremony was exceptional, the best I've ever seen."

                                                      Mark Foley, Park Ranger & Organizer, Tequesta Drum Circle

“As coordinator of our speakers’ series for the past 7 years, this was the best presentation I’ve ever seen.”

                                                                               Bruce H., Programs Coordinator, Appalachian Mountain Club, Boston

"I hired Joe with Ronna Herman and Alan Cohen to present at our conference in Hawaii. He came highly recommended for his connection with dolphins and whales, and his love of adventure and play. All three of his presentations were playful, dynamic and interactive; helping participants powerfully embody the spirit of the retreat. We received great feedback about his sessions; he turned over 100 adults into kids again."         Maitreya Zohar, Author & Organizer, WhaleQuest

"Your opening for our Earthdance Budokon Invitational for the Environment in Miami Beach was filled with great energy and passion. You got everybody howling!"           Sensei Donato Helbling, Budokon Miami

“Joe is a corporate shaman; his ability to transform the energy of a group is amazing."    

                                                                              John Bohmhoff, CFO, The Guggenheim Museum

“You set a new standard for our annual conferences; every single evaluation of your seminar rated it as excellent”

                                                                              Joe Bocca, Conference Manager, American Camping Assoc.

“Thank you for opening our weekend retreat. Your talk was fun, inspiring and upbeat, and set a great tone for the rest of the retreat.”                                                                 Eric Dez, Founder, Conscious Living Retreats


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Joe Noonan

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